Ilam Nepal: An Open Garden Like Heaven

Ilam Nepal: An
Open Garden Like Heaven

Ilam Nepal is one of the famous tourist spots. It extends from the belt of the Terai to the country's higher hill belt. It is an untouched hill town with pristine countryside, inclined tea gardens, mountain rivers, dense natural woods, sacred places, and distinctive culture. The term Ilam is taken from the language of Kirant, where 'IL' signifies 'twisted.' Elevations range from 140m to 3636m over sea level in the district of Ilam. It is famous for Tea production. This tea is exported to a large number of European countries. Many domestic and international tourists could attract the tea farm. Ilam is 496.2 km far from Kathmandu. All year round Greenery's on the hills of Ilam. It isn't only known for tea gardens, but also create many other well-known goods. Amrish (the special plant used in broom making), Akabare (special chili), Aduwaa (more going), AaluPahade (Potato Mountain), and Chhurpi are a cardamom plant (a special preserved cheese product). All these products are offered throughout the country and even exported internationally. In addition, It attracts numerous scientists to study rare birds and red pandas. Here you will find some of the city's famous places to visit. Famous Places To Visit in...