7 Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal; And some FAQs

7 Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal; And some FAQs

There has never been as much demand for IT professionals as in this day and age. IT professionals are the necessity of this era. It is as they say - necessity is the mother of invention. Or in our case, necessity is the mother of production. Due to this "high demand" for  IT professionals, many students flock to learn IT and find opportunities within this storm of necessity. And what better way to do this than to study a course of BSc. CSIT in some of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal? 

But before we move on to talk about Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal, we are sure that a lot of you have questions about this course of education. So let's clear them out first.

Some FAQs about BSc. CSIT

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal

Since BSc. CSIT has become such a popular course of education in Nepal, it is natural for people to take interest in this degree.  But along with the increase of people, some questions are frequently asked about this course as well. Here we will answer 5 of the most important and frequently asked questions about this course.

1) What is BSc. CSIT course?

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal

BSc. CSIT or Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is a course of education that offers education in both software systems and information technology along with the history and physical aspects of computers. You can say that this course is a jack of all trades in the field of computers. 

2) How long does BSc. CSIT course last?

It lasts for 4 years of 8 Semesters. Each semester lasts for roughly around a year. 

3) What are the eligibility criteria to study BSc. CSIT in Nepal?

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal

Since this course is related to science, students from commerce or humanities are not allowed to enter this course. To be eligible one must:

  • have completed 12 years of schooling 
  • have completed +2 in science or equivalent courses
  • get 35% or more on the entrance examination conducted by TU
  • acquire a minimum of 2nd division in their +2 or C in all subjects in grade 11 and 12 by taking mathematics and physical as their major course

4) What are the scopes and job prospects after joining in BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal?

It should be noted that all of these are high-end jobs that are in demand in the current meta of job opportunities. 

5) How much does it cost to study BSc. CSIT?

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal

Although the fee structure varies between colleges, the general cost estimation for this 4-year course in Bachelors degree ranges from 2 to 8 lakhs. While some colleges start from 1.8 lakhs, there are also some that charge 8 lakhs as well. 

So to answer this question - the cost of studying BSc. CSIT in Nepal depends on the college but you should be ready to spend a minimum of 4 lakhs for the entire course. 

What are some of the Best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal?

Now that we have covered the basics of this course, let's talk about some of the best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal. Before we begin, it has to be noted that all the colleges that offer this course will be affiliated with Tribhuvan University. While other universities like KU and PU offer BSc and CSIT, none of them offers this hybrid course. 

With that small detail Cleared, let's talk about some of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal!

1) Kathford International College of Engineering and Management

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal
  • Location: Balkumari, Lalitpur
  • Phone: +977 01 5201242, +977 01 2050226

Kathford is one of the leading colleges in the field of BSc. CSIT in Nepal. Not only does it have some of the best IT Professionals as their teachers, but they have well-educated and trained staff in other areas besides teaching as well. Along with this, KAthform is also known for its homely environment, as well as fully equipped computer labs as well. But what sets Kathford apart from the rest and makes it one of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal are its aim. Kathford aims to stimulate the curiosity of its students.

This seemingly stupid aim is the reason behind their success. Only with curiosity can one learn to grow. Their student as is ingrained to find creative solutions through practiced methods. Due to this and their team of qualified teachers, Kathford has produced some of the best professionals over the past 8 years. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Specified to engineering courses
  • Vision To become one of the leading hubs that provide a transformative education for students 
  • Has provided more than 8 batches in BSc CSIT
  • Home to qualified experts and experienced teaching faculty
  • A Homely environment
  • Easily accessible Location
  • Fully equipped computer and It facilities
  • Focuses on the practical aspect of computer
  • Provisional and financial support
  • Examinations and assessments

2) Prime College

  • Location: Khusibu, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4362690

What makes Prime college one of the best BSc. CSIT college in Nepal? The answer is - fully furnished facilities, homely environment, highly qualified teachers, and years of quality results. Being the first IT Enabled college in Nepal, Prime has shown consistent quality results each year. This is not a surprise since prime has some of the best teachers in Nepal when it comes to the IT sector. This is a necessity since it aims to make their student independent and flexible in the real world as soon as they graduate. 

But besides this, prime also instills moral and ethical values into their students. After all, with great skill comes great responsibility. It is easy to turn towards the dark side if a student becomes qualified but has the wrong value instilled. Due to this, Prime College is among the best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • First IT enabled college
  • Fully equipped facilities
  • Takes pride in successful students spread all over Nepal
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Instills moral and ethical values among its students
  • Makes their students independent and flexible in real-world scenarios

3) Sagarmatha Engineering College

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal
  • Location: Sanepa, Lalitpur
  • Phone: +977 01 5527274, +977 01 5547463

Formed by a group of like-minded professionals with the same goal, Sagarmatha Engineering College lives up to its name. Being one of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal, it has produced some of the best IT professionals in Nepal. but there is a good reason for this as well. With their team of highly qualified professors, up-to-date syllabus, hands-on learning and teaching, and field visits followed by motivational lectures, the results are rather obvious. On top of this, Sagarmatha Engineering College is well known for its excellent career counseling. 

Besides this, there are also its initiatives for research-based projects towards its students and a focus on practicality from theory as well. When we take all of these into account, we can easily see why  Sagarmath is one of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. It is well organized and knows how to create the best IT professionals from seemingly ordinary students. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Dedicated towards the excellence of engineering education in Nepal
  • Team of highly teaching faculty
  • Easy to access Location
  • Has it's own academic building with fully furbished laboratories 
  • Up to date syllabus
  • Practices hands-on learning and teaching
  • initiates and undertakes research-based projects 
  • Field visits 
  • Motibvational lectures
  • Career counseling and excellent educational guidance

4) Himalayan College of Engineering (HCOE) 

  • Location: Chyasal, Lalitpur
  • Phone: +977 01 5540555, +977 01 5554287, +977 01 55554297

Himalayan College of Engineering or HCOE in short was established for one thing -consistently provide immediate and quality engineering education. This is their aim and their goal. Needless to say, they have been fulfilling their goal pretty well since HCOE is among some of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. They have a team of highly qualified teachers who emphasize practical and pragmatic teaching methods. Along with this, they are also known for their excellent career counseling and health counseling as well. They know that a healthy body is a key to a healthy mind. 

Besides this, it should also be noted that HCOE is among the most affordable colleges that have BSc. CSIT curriculum. Needless to say, they are have fully equipped IT labs as well. On top of all of these, HCOE is among those few colleges where teachers are present to answer their students from morning to evening - guiding anyone who is in need. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Easy to access location
  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
  • Emphasizes on creating professionals through modern teaching and pragmatic teaching-learning method
  • Affordable price
  • ECA for refreshment
  • Field visits and practical assignments
  • Career counsellings 
  • Health counsellings

5) St. Xaviers

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal
  • Location: Maitighar, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4221365, +977 01 4244636

While this college is run by the Society of Jesus, the education system is rather non-religious in this college. This is not new news however since it has been providing quality education and result since the day it was established. With the focus to form responsible, competent, and grounded individuals, this college is housed to a well respectable motto. 

But to be among the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal, having a good motto is not enough. Thankfully St. Xaviour has some of the best teaching personnel along with well-equipped labs. Besides this, St. Xavier also has a healthy canteen, recreation areas for sports like basketball, football, and volleyball, scholarships for capable and needy students along transportation for students far from their college premises as well. 

With all of these facilities and their team of experts, we can easily see why St. Xavier is one of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Focuses on forming responsible competent innovative and grounded young individuals
  • Scholarships for capable and needed students
  • Provides all the necessary facilities be it technical or physical
  • Separate buildings for different departments
  • Well equipped labs
  • Teachers are available throughout the day
  • Canteen for healthy food
  • Entertainment areas like basketball, football, and volleyball
  • Excellent quality education

6) Patan Multiple Campus

  • Location: Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
  • Phone: +977 01 5549133

So far all of the Best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal that we have mentioned so far have been private ones. But one doesn't need to be a private college to be among the best. For this, there is no better example than Patan Multiple Campus. This is a governmental run campus that has all the requirements to be among the best. 

Quality education - Check, fully equipped facilities - Check, great career counseling - checked. Besides these, Patan Multiple Campus is one of the largest colleges in the country. While there are no in-house stationaries and canteen, because it is located in the heart of Lalitpur, none of them are too far away from its premises. And let's not forget their team of highly qualified teachers who have made this seemingly ordinary college one of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • One of the oldest colleges in Nepal
  • One of the largest colleges in the country
  • Is committed to producing professional human resource
  • Highly qualified teachers and faculty members
  • Good career counseling
  • Has all the necessary modern equipment

7) Madan Bhandari Memorial College

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal
  • Location: Anamnagar, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 6226950

Madan Bhandari Memorial College is the only Non-profit college on our list of best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. But despite running on no profit, it still provides one of the best education in Nepal. Built-in the memorial of Late Politician Mandan Kumar Bhandari, this college encourages its students to learn independently. But while the students are encouraged to learn independently, teachers are always willing to help them. And with their team of highly qualified teachers, a student is never far away from help. They believe that curiosity is the mother of invention and encourage their students to be curious - so that their students can discover their own path. 

Along with this, let's not forget that Madan Bhandari Memorial College is widely known for its strong presence in job placement. But since it has adequate technical support, great career counseling, and expert professors, this is not much of a surprise. With all of these features under its belt, it is no wonder why this is among the best BSc. CSIT college in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Non-profit academic institution
  • Quality education
  • Great academic ambiance
  • Highly professional and qualified teachers ready to guide at a moments notice
  • Strong presence in job placement
  • Excellent career counseling
  • Adequate technical support and facilities

The Conclusion,

Best BSc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal

BSc. CSIT is one of the most viable courses in this day and age. Not only is course the right step towards your career, but it is also one of those fields of education that is only speculated to grow. As the field of IT and computer science continues to grow, it is necessary to grow along with it. And these 7 colleges that we have mentioned here are some of the best places for you to grow in this field. After all, they are some of the best BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal.

Hope you found this interesting and informative. If you did, why don't you check out:

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