7 Best MBA colleges in Nepal and 4 FAQs – Answered

7 Best MBA colleges in Nepal and 4 FAQs – Answered

They say it is better to be a jack of all trades than to be master of one! But this all depends on the context. What if being the master of one means having the skill to be a jack of all trades? Well, this is exactly what a student of MBA represents. They are the master of one aspect - the one aspect which requires them to be a jack of all trades. And to do this, it is a good idea to pick one of the Best MBA colleges in Nepal!

But before we move on to talking about the Best MBA Colleges in Nepal, let's answer some important faqs about MBA in Nepal.

Some FAQ's about MBA in Nepal

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

MBA is one of those courses that is rising in popularity in Nepal. Many students are flocking to study this course. Because of this, curiosity towards this course also seems to have risen. Among all of those questions, some are asked more than others. Here we have 4 of the frequently asked questions about MBA in Nepal.

1) What is MBA?

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

MBA which is an acronym for Masters in Business Administration is a 4-semester course. This course focuses on the development of management skills, financial skills, and organizational skills. MBA is meant to make a person proficient in all aspects of Business. It includes skills like including organizing, networking, and managing an official business organization. This is done through, theoretical knowledge as well as developing their soft skills in addition to practical experience. 

2) How much does MBA cost in Nepal?

The cost of an MBA varies from Organization to organization. But in general, the average cost of an MBA in Nepal ranges from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. If you opt to apply to high-end education centers, this 2-year course can cost anywhere from 7 to 10 lakhs for 4 semesters. 

3) What are the requirements to study MBA in Nepal?

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

The requirements generally depend on the institute you are applying for. But although this is the case, there are some general qualifications that you must meet. 

  • Qualifications for MBA in TU: Minimum of 2.0 GPA or 45% in Bachelor's level
  • Qualifications for MBA KU: Minimum of 50% in aggregate or 2 GPA from universities approved by Kathmandu Universities

Since MBA is a business and finance-oriented course, it is natural that the primary scopes of this course will lean towards the various sectors of management. Some of which are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operation
  • International Business
  • Banking
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Accounting
  • Oil & Gas
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Event
  • Tourism & hotels

But the scope is not limited to these for this course is viable anywhere where there is a need for business personnel or financial expertise. 

7 Best MBA Colleges in Nepal

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

Now that we have answered some of the FAQs about MBA, you should be ready to know about the Best MBA colleges in Nepal. While there are a lot of colleges offering this course, these 7 are those that have shown their supremacy through their results, education system, and professional prowess.

Now without any further ado, let's see what they are:

1) Kathmandu Universities School Of Management (KUSOM)

  • Affiliated to: Kathmandu University
  • Location: Balkumari Lalitpur
  • Phone: + 977 01 5286092, +977 01 5186029

Kathmandu Universities School of Management or KUSOM for short is one of the best-known Universities in Nepal for MBA. With its consistent quality results, a team of highly professional teachers and focus on practical education, we can understand why this college is among the best MBA colleges in Nepal. Along with a team of highly qualified professors and guides, it also has excellent career counseling. KUSOM has a library with up-to-date education materials as well. All of these not only help the student to be updated with the current education curriculum but also encourages self-study. 

Besides all of these, it is also known to provide education for those who are not in the immediate vicinity as well via hostels and transports. The fact that it has sports facilities for relaxation is just a cherry on top. All of these do indeed makes KUSOM one of the Best MBA colleges in Nepal.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Highly qualified Professionals
  • Consistent Quality Results
  • Comfortable Hostel for Boys and Girls
  • 24/7 high-speed internet
  • Affordable cost
  • Transport Facilities
  • Library stacked with up-to-date education materials

2) The British College

  • Affiliated to: Leads Beckett University
  • Location: Thapathali, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 5970003

The British College is among those few colleges that are affiliated with an international University in Nepal. Being affiliated with Leads Beckett University, there is a standard that this college has to maintain. The British College is widely known for its international method of education with a high focus on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Through their team of highly qualified professors, peaceful environment of education ad their method approach. this college has become one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal.

Their approach to producing quality personnel is a bit tough to master but is highly viable in the current meta of business - spearheading the core of the issue and using that to improve any business or organization. Since all of the graduates are proficient in this method of problem-solving, they are some of the best professionals to have in an organization. Due to all of these reasons, The British college is well deserving to be among the best MBA colleges in Nepal.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Provides international courses with a focus on increasing the student's abilities to be viable in the current market
  • Excels in quality through the distinct and spearheading method of approach
  • A characteristic methodology that imbibes local to the global method of approach
  • Highly qualified teacher
  • Consistent quality results
  • ECA for relief and entertainment and to encourage teamwork and creativity

3) Ace Institute of Management

  • Affiliated to: Pokhara University
  • Location: Sinamangal Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4110697

Ace, as its name suggests is among one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. Why? Because this college is known for being one of the first few to offer MBA colleges in Nepal. Ace is known for its team of highly qualified teachers. Along with this, it also encourages its students to step out from the crowd and take the lead. For them, failing while learning is just another part of success. On top of all of these, they have taken on a mission to sharpen the knowledge and skills of individuals. To do this, they invite well-known businessmen to provide lectures and seminars. 

But they value refreshment as well. According to them, too many works make a person dull. Due to this, they have semi-annual, treks, tours, and industrial visits. And they also encourage student-led club activities as well. These features of The British College make it one of the best MBA Colleges in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Produces capable personnel since it was established in 1999
  • Encourages students to step out from the crowd and take the lead
  • Focus on practical skill along with theoretical knowledge
  • Known for placing graduates right after graduation 
  • Values honesty and positive attitude
  • Mission to sharpen the knowledge and skills of individuals
  • Known to provide support for entrepreneurs and developing professionalism
  • Corporate interactions and guest lectures
  • Workshops
  • Treks, tours, and industrial visits
  • Student-led clubs and events

4) Apex College

  • Affiliated to: Pokhara University
  • Location: Devkota Sadak, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 4467922, +977 01 4478841

Similar to how Ace college lives up to its name, Apex college does so as well. Standing on top of some of the best MBA Colleges in Nepal, Apex college is well worth your investment. Apex is known for providing top-class theoretical knowledge based on practical skill after all. For this, they have a team of highly qualified professionals in every sector of their college - not just in education. Since they have the aim of developing visionaries and insightful leaders, this is necessary. Along with these, Apex has programs and facilities that are geared towards the overall development of their students as well. This includes lectures from professionals, soft skill training, and up to date library.

Besides these, they also have 24/7 internet connectivity. And Apex is also known for building real-life experience before graduation through well-placed internships. Once you look at all of this, it is easy to understand why Apex college is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Has highly capable faculty members including teachers professors and counselors
  • Gives attention to two way communication and education
  • Aims to develop visionaries and insightful leaders
  • Strong focus on building real-life experience before graduation
  • Programs and facilities geared towards the overall development of the students
  • Provides soft skill training 
  • Pays attention to the social behavior of the students
  • Well stocked library for self-study
  • Wifi for ease of access
  • Career counseling

5) South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM College) 

  • Affiliated to: Pokhara university
  • Location: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4474747, +977 01 4484832

Under the leadership of the former Minister of finance and foreign affairs, Dr. Prakash Chandra LOhani, SIAM has become one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. But SIAM was among the best long before Dr. Prakash became the leader. With the intent of providing the best quality leaders and entrepreneurs, SIAM provides some of the best quality education in Nepal. Along with its education, SIAM is known for its connections with highly regarded companies such as Chaudhary Group, Sipradi Trading, and D2 Hawkeye Nepal. This connection gives SIAM some of the best job placement and the opportunity to hold quality seminars hosted by equally qualified personnel. 

Along with this, they also have a highly furnished library and some of the best entertainment facilities. Similar to KUSOM, SIAM also believes in the concept that too much work/study makes a person dull. After comparing all of these, we see why SIAM is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal

Some of its salient features are:

  • Excellent education and career counseling
  • Positions in various top class business organizations like Choudhary Group, Sipradi Trading, D2 Hawkeye Nepal, 
  • Great job placement records
  • Highly trained professionals 
  • Well furnished library 
  • Entertainment facilities

6) TU School of Management (TUSOM)

  • Affiliated to: Tribhuvan University
  • Location: Kritipur, Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4332719

As the name of this College suggests, it is under the direct operation of Tribhuvan University. Due to this, TU school of management or TUSOM has one of the best education in Nepal. With a team of highly qualified teachers, experienced lecturers, and well-educated staff, TUSOM has one of the best environments of education. On top of that, TUSOM is known for having a great job placement record and excellent career counseling.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is under the direct control of TU, TUSOM invites some of the best businessmen to conduct free seminars and share their experience which is invaluable for the upcoming professionals. All of this results in their students becoming some of the best business personnel in Nepal. Hence TU School of Management is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal without any doubt. 

Some of its salient features are:

  • Directly operated by TU and is a special department under TU 
  • High-Quality Education
  • Some of the best teachers in Nepal
  • Good career counseling 
  • Producing some of the best personnel in MBA

7) Kings College

  • Affiliated to: Westcliff University
  • Location: Babarmahal Kathmandu
  • Phone: +977 01 4224530, +977 01 4225909

Kings College is another one on this list that is affiliated with International University. Being affiliated with an international University, King's College offers its students tons of benefits. Among them, getting guidance from some of the best universities in the world is one. Similarly, another benefit is the connection with international universities. We can see this from intercultural exchange programs that they hold frequently hold libraries schools in Tournefeuille France. Along with this due to this very same reason Kings College has established connections with many other institutions of global repute, e.g., NCU, Taiwan, Oulu University of Applied Science, Finland. All of these grants the opportunity for its students to know the global state of the Busines and increase their networking.

Besides the connections, King's College is known for its team of highly qualified professors and its practical approach towards education. They believe that success can come only through applying theoretical knowledge to practice. When you look at all the benefits that Kings College has to offer, it is no surprise why this college is among some of the best MBA colleges in Nepal.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Emphasis on supporting the entrepreneurial outlook
  • Focus on progressive education
  • First to enter MBA entrepreneurship degree in Nepal
  • Approved by the government of Nepal and recognized by TU of Nepal
  • International standard of Education
  • Highly qualified professionals
  • A practical approach to education 
  • Connections with top-notch companies in Nepal such as Surya Nepal, Nepal SBI Bank, and Nabil Bank
  • Good career counseling

In the End,

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

Lastly, we want to emphasize that you are one in control of how you progress in your education. These are indeed some of the best MBA colleges in Nepa. However, you are the one who is in control of how much advantage you can take from these colleges. Along with this, they provide some of the best environments and features so if you are among those who pick these colleges, be sure to make use of each moment here. After all, MBA lasts for just 2 years - which is a rather short duration of time. 

Hope you found this helpful. If you did, why not check out:

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