10 Best Things to do on Mount Everest

10 Best Things to do on Mount Everest

Among many interesting things, trekking or hiking, climbing, and expedition rafting are the major activities or things to do on Mount Everest.  Mount Everest tourism brings millions of dollars to the economy of Nepal. The main occupation of the people of the Everest region is focused on Everest tourism. Let's talk about major adventurous things to do on Mount Everest.

Top 10 Things to do on Mount Everest

1. Trekking and Hiking

Any guess which is the number one trekking route in the world?

Yup, you guessed it right. The trek to the EBC (Everest Base Camp) is the best trekking route to provide the best experience to any hikers and trekkers.

How long does it take to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC)?

The trekking itself takes 9- 10 days just to reach the Base Camp. The scenery and the culture of the region will definitely blow your mind. 

The most popular and used trek route is from:

Now considering you are a trekking enthusiast looking for adventure and fun then there is another route for you which includes a 5 to 6-day detour from Namche Bazaar to the famous Valley of Gokyo.

If you are not absolutely murdered by the beauty of mountains then you can further take a long route from Gokyo to EBC through the Cho circuit which takes more than 10 days.

Nepal is rich in mountains and hence such trekking routes are so many in numbers. Not only Everest but there are also other short and trek that leads to the majestic view of mountains and nature like ABC trek, Poonhill trek. 

2. Climbing mountains

Taking a selfie on top of the world is the dream of many, if not all. There are many mountains in the Everest region apart from Mount Everest which is an ultimate goal of many climbers to climb or should I say in human terms ‘conquer the Everest’.

Climbing Everest is not easy and it shouldn’t be for the betterment of Everest. Many climbers leave behind plastics and other no degradable items causing great damage to the ecosystem of Everest. Just imagine if climbing Everest was anywhere easy like climbing Kilimanjaro, there would be more dumping sites and plastics in Everest than snow.

Having said that, summiting Everest is the biggest achievement for many mountaineers. Many records have been created and broken every year. While everyone talks about the benefits of tourism and climbing Everest let’s take a moment and talk about the disadvantages of human negligence in Everest.

Climbers are pushing themselves every year to show human domination over the mountain which will definitely harm the ecosystem. The existence of nature and the environment should always be a bigger priority than the dominating nature of humans.

No one should harm Everest in any way for the benefit of any individual, company, or organization. Climbing mountains should be for adventure, creating history, inspiring future generations rather than a profit-oriented mission.

Here is the list of some essential items you need for climbing Everest 

• Ice axes 

• Water purification kit

• Ski goggles,

• Proper face mask with nose guard

• Crampons

• Carabiner system

• Alpine climbing harness

• Belay device

• Trekking poles

• Ascender

• Climbing helmet and many more

For more information please check out TOP 10 TIPS TO KNOW BEFORE CLIMBING MT EVEREST.  

3. Helicopter tour of the Majestic Everest 

Riding on a helicopter and flying high above the clouds and what lies around you is the indelible view of the Everest range. It is one of the major things to do on Mount Everest.

Oh yeah, now that seems like the perfect adventure one can ever ask for.

Your eyes will not spectate more jaw-dropping and august view anywhere else in the world. Not only one but 4 of the highest peaks above 8000 meters lies in the Everest region just waiting to melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes from the joy you could barely imagine.

This feeling will be the perfect explanation of “Dreams come true” or maybe the view is more than you could ever ask for.

But it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, you should be paying around $4500 per person for making this a reality. 

4. Skiing

Who doesn’t like to glide from the top of a hill covered in thick snow?

Skiing is the most favorite and tourist-attracting sport of the Himalayan region. Mostly this sport is famous in the western country but as a country of Himalayas, which is home to 8 of the world’s highest mountain, the introduction and popularity of Skiing were inevitable.

Not only Everest, skiing tourism is widely welcomed in various other parts of the Himalayan region of Nepal like Kalinchowk, Annapurna Region, and many more.

It is very astonishing to see the development of Skiing in Nepal. Not only will it attract more tourist but provides the recreational time to local kids and internal tourist as well. 

Who wouldn’t want to ski on the lap of the world's highest mountain?

Just imagine the feeling and experience you will collect after 9-10 days of trekking skiing around the valley of Everest.

5. Heli-Skiing

Searching for more thrilling and above-normal adventure? 

Don’t worry Everest have you covered with a more sophisticated Skiing adventure known as Heli-Skiing.

If you have got cash in the banks and looking to turn into an action hero, then Heli-skiing is just for you.

Of course, Heli-Skiing is more expensive than normal Skiing but jumping from the helicopter and gliding through the steep and high hills downwards is worth every penny of your money.

6. Yak Safaris

Who doesn’t love Yaks? Every person who knows about this animal certainly does. Yak Safari is one of the exciting things to do on Mount Everest.

Mountains and Himalayas are the home to these furry, big cows. Yaks are very famous for the cheese and milk and other dairy products that you can make from the milk.

Yaks are still the main source of transportation in most of the Himalayan region, at least in Nepal.

The main occupation of people living in the mountains, apart from tourism, is Yak farming. Should you ever visit Mount Everest apart from the winter season, you will find hundreds of Yaks grazing on the grassland of the Everest region. 

Yak safari has become a ‘THING’ for some years now. It is the main source of attraction and income for the locals. 

Riding on the back of a Yak and exploring the alluring view of Everest valley is something you don’t want to miss.

7. Camping

If you are on an expedition to climb Everest then camping becomes more like a necessity than adventure.

But for any trekkers and travelers who want to explore various valleys of the mountain and reach the nook and corner of the region, camping is the best option for you.

Of course, there are many valleys and peaks far from the human civilization of the Everest region. The best way to explore and capture the best moment is to set up a camp and watch once in a lifetime sunrise and sunset from the most incredible place you could ever imagine.

Camping in the far valley of the Everest region will give you the feeling of the best off-grid living. Spending few days surrounded by the nature, waking up to the sound of birds or even Lophophorus (Monal), if you are lucky, is the best thing you can ask for.

8. Experiencing Nepalese Culture

Overshadowed by the craze of Mountains, the Himalayan culture of Everest is the most underrated thing in the region. Nepalese culture is like no other culture. It has history, norms, and beliefs, and most importantly it is unique.

 Experiencing the culture of Sherpa’s, seeing how they live and what they do is the most intriguing thing to know for any tourist and visitor.

Dominated by the technology and digital world, the feeling to live among the Sherpa community and bending with their culture is the best thing you can do in the Everest valley.

Listening to the ancient tales and story of the ancestor is nothing less than a movie script which will certainly give you goose bombs.

The more technology is developed, the lazier we become. Surrounded by the modern specs and electronic devices which do all of our work, the mountain life is the exact opposite. They work hard from morning to evening. People of the Himalayas aren’t just surrounded by nature, they live with nature.

Experiencing Sherpa culture and tradition is the once in a lifetime opportunity for all western and international tourists.

9. Water Rafting

Water rafting is not for the faint-hearted, especially in the Dudh Koshi river where the water flows at different degrees of roughness at unprecedented speed. Rafting in Nepal is one of the best adventurous sport especially famous for internal tourism. 

The rafting service is increasing at a rapid rate and the investment in this sector is very appreciable in recent years. The craze of rafting is attracting many international and internal tourists helping the growth of tourism.

Of course, international tourism is absolutely gutted due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the popularity of rafting is not going to stop any time soon among people.

There are many famous destinations for river rafting and the Everest region is certainly one of the best. The white and turbulent water of Dudh Koshi makes it the ideal place to raft.

10. Mountain biking

Get ready to experience the best journey of your life. Mountain biking in the Everest circuit is becoming and creating a lot of hype in recent years. Mountain biking is not a normal biking experience, you need experience, knowledge of the mountains, paths, hurdles. There is a high risk of accidents as the route has a lot of obstacles and hindrances.

Nevertheless, the adventure is real and people join this adventure for fun. A little bit of risk and struggle certainly creates an unforgettable journey for years to remember.

We only recommend very experienced and skillful riders to try mountain biking. With proper gear and equipment, the journey will be a more fun-filled adventure.

How much does it cost just to reach the base camp of Everest (Sagarmatha)?

It will cost you around $500 just to reach the Base camp and return at a minimum excluding all the crazy adventures like a Helicopter tour. So you get the idea of how expensive it is to reach the base of the world’s highest mountain.

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