Top 10 Things To Do in Nagarkot Nepal

Top 10 Things To Do in Nagarkot Nepal

Nagarkot village is situated in Bhaktapur district of Bagmati province, at an altitude of more than 2100m. The Kathmandu to Nagarkot distance is only 32km. The cheapest and the mostly used way to reach there is by public bus from Ratna bus stand in Kathmandu to Kamalbinayak bus park in Bhaktapur (which might take about 1hr) and after reaching to Kamalbinayak bus park, one should another public bus from kamalbinayak to Nagarkot on the Arniko Highway (which might take about 90minutes).

Nagarkot has been the most recommended place for the sightseeing of mountain ranges. Especially for the site for the view of Mahalangure Range (Everest Range). The best time to visit Nagarkot is in the month from October to April for the Himalayan peak view. During that time from sunrise to sunset the mountain ranges show a multicolor view due to the reflectance of snow. However the time of monsoon might be the advantageous time to visit Nagarkot if the individual is a lover of the views of color changing mountain ranges since during that time the sunlight doesn’t appear much for the reflectance.

10 Best Things To Do in Nagarkot Nepal

Some of the best and most recommended things which should be done if someone is visiting Nagarkot can be expressed in the following details:-

1.    Mountain Range Viewing

Mountain Range of Nagarkot

There are several mountain ranges which can be viewed from Nagarkot. Those views might be heart taming especially during the sunrise and the sunset. Manasalu range, Langtang range, Numbur range, Jugal range, Annapurna range, Ganesh himal range, Rolwaling range and Mahalangur range are some of the most popular ranges which can be viewed from Nagarkot. After viewing the mountain range, you can stay in Nagarkot hotels.

2. Paragliding 

If someone has a thing for paragliding then Nagarkot brings a thrilling experience to the individual. The bird eye view during paragliding boosts the adrenaline inside the body which brings many people to the feeling of being alive. To manage that there are some offices which arrange all the necessary equipment with full precautions taking into consideration the safety of the customer. Most of the paragliding starts from Lapsiphedi at the height of 1307m. People take two routes for paragliding. One is the normal Tandem flight from Lapsiphedi with a time period of 20-30 minutes and the other one is a cross country Tandem flight with a time period of 40-60 minutes viewing most of the hills and mountain ranges.

3. Hiking 

Nagarkot being around the mountainous regions, there are several places to see in Nagarkot for adventurous hiking activities. Several tourists visit Nagarkot for hiking during the month of September at the sunrise. For the Panoramic Hiking Trail, people gets to travel on the 14km long hiking spot.

4.  Mountain biking 

There are two most trekked paths out of several routes in Nagarkot. The first one is Sundarijal-Chisapani trekking spot which might be the most extensive trek which gonna take almost 6 days. The route is consists of many beautiful streams, tall trees,cool shades, calm, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The other one is Newari-Sankhu trek which consists Holy Sali River, Pine forest, paddy fields and lush valley at the height of 2195m. The twisting and turning paths lead to the breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Himalayas from Annapurna to Everest.

6. Visiting the famous religious temples like Changu Narayan

Changu Narayan temple is one of the oldest temples in Nepal which has been listed in the world cultural heritage. It is believed to have a history of more than 1600 years. It is dedicated to lord Vishnu.No matter whatever the circumstances (fire, rain, earthquakes ,etc), it has maintained its historical importance through repairs. Similar to this, there are other religious places which have great historical importance, for example :- KaliDevi temple, Jalapa devi temple, Geeta temple and so on.

7. Staying in Mountain Cafe, Restaurant and Lodges

The refreshing view of calm mountains and the clouds surrounding it, gives off a very peaceful sensation during eating and working for which many people pay a lot too. Whoever and for whatever a person might have visited Nagarkot, he/she should take a one night reserved room at least. It is likely to be recommended by the trekkers who have stayed there. There are luxury hotels for people to stay.

8.  Trying the Nagarkot Special Dishes

Since Nagarkot is a village in the mountainous region, it is still in an underdeveloped state however this village has attracted many tourists to its special dishes among which some are still in a traditional way.

9. Camping with Friends and Family

Camping may be a very simple idea at several places but the night time sky view in the Nagarkot trekking spots has touched many hearts. Many people stay out at night camping with their families and friends singing and dancing all night out.

10. Nagarkot Fort Museum Visit

It is the famous museum of the village where different cultural, religious and historic artifacts have been kept. 

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