Top 10 Shopping Sites in Nepal: Sustenance of Spending

Shopping is one of the few pleasures of this world. Not only do you get to buy your necessities, but you also get some much-needed distractions from your daily lives. The only issue is - with the passage of time, we have become lazy. And, a lot of us have this voice on our head that says “If I don’t have to do it, I won’t do it”. In the past, you needed to shop. You didn’t have any other options but now it’s not exactly something that you have to do. You can just use shopping sites in Nepal. 

Due to this thing called online shopping, we don’t even have to get off our bed. All we need to do is tap on our phones a few times or click and wait. But that being said, where you shop from mattes a lot as we. Not all online shopping platforms are created equal and some might just straight-up scam you. 

Best Shopping sites in Nepal

Shopping Sites in Nepal

Thankfully Nepal doesn’t have many online shopping sites. But that being said, what are the online shopping sites? Or better yet, what are the top 10 Online shopping sites?

Since we are getting this wonderous service, why not make the most of it by choosing the best site? 

And that is exactly why we are here for. Here we will cover the top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

1) Daraz

If you are someone who is on the internet, there is no way that you haven’t heard of Daraz. Heck, the 11:11 sale of this online shopping site is something that has been going viral all over the internet. But why is this site so famous?

Other than that, it is very easy to scroll through and find the product that you need. The fact that they are constantly providing offers and discounts just adds the cherry on top. And the final thing that makes them one of the top 10 shopping sites in Nepal is that you can choose your payment method, be it through Ewallets, bank transfers, or cash on delivery.

We can clearly see why this is one of the best-known and one of the top 10 shopping sites in Nepal.

2) Sastodeal

Shopping Sites in Nepal

If there is any site that is as famous as Daraz for the same reason - it is the Sasto deal. This online shopping site is the top rival of the famous Daraz. Why?

Well, they are basically neck to neck in terms of the services they provide and the way they function. Whatever Daraz has, custodial has the same as well. In fact, it would be fair to say that over the past few years, the Sasto deal has even beaten Daraz on at least one aspect - the website design. 

While Daraz focuses on cheap and customer-friendly goods of low to mid-range for the most part, sasto deal focuses on mid-range goods that are the symbol of quality. So yea, you won’t get a mouse of Rs. 100 in Sasto deal but you will get one that will last 100 times longer than the one you are planning to albeit for a higher price. 

When we consider all of these, is there any reason why Sastodeal should not be on this list of top 10 shopping sites in Nepal?

3) HamroBazar

Is Hamrobazar one of the best online shopping sites in Nepal? Definitely. But there is more to Hamro Bazar than just shopping. Hamrobazar is somewhat of an infamous name on this list. While it is indeed a great shopping site, it is also famous for troll posts a product is listed to have a retail price of Re.1. 

Now that being said, the funny part about this is that a lot of these are placed on Hamrobazar by the angry spouses or just people who want to troll others and have some fun. It really is a great place to kill some time.

But if you are there for its intended purpose, then you will find great deals out there at rather affordable prices. The good thing about Hamrobazar is that it is a place made by people, to the people, and for the people - meaning that the products are placed on this site by individuals rather than brands. You can check out the product, and just ring the person. 

After considering all of these is there any reason not to put this great site in this list of top 10 shopping sites in Nepal?

4) Socheko

Shopping Sites in Nepal

This is another one of those great online shopping sites that are virtually ready to compete with big bosses like Daraz and Sastobazar. In fact, there are only a few things that are keeping Socheko from competing with the two mega monsters. 

One of them is the way you filter products. While it is not the most annoying of the systems in the online shopping scene, it is still is a bit tedious. But besides this and the lack of promotion we see from this online shopping site, it is a rather well-built site and has tons of products for our use. Heck, you can even find automobiles on this site which is a rarity even among the big sites in Nepal. 

If this is not enough to put this into the list of top 10 online shopping sites of Nepal, then how about its easy payment system and the fact that just like Daraz, you can find products that are both cheap and from unbranded companies to flagship products from high-end brands. 

5) Gajabko

Shopping Sites in Nepal

This Gajabko online shopping platform really is Gajabko. While this shopping site is widely popular, it still has quite a large market and a lot of people do visit this shopping site. There is a reason why people trust this site - quality products and timely delivery.

With this site only deals with products in the mid and high range, they do promise the quality of the products and on-time delivery. On top of this, although your selection is rather limited to a certain price range, there are quite a lot of products within that price range to choose from. 

This site is easy to the eyes and you can find and filter out products quite easily. What more does a site need to be good? Since Gajabko is focusing on the quality of the product, it doesn’t really need to have cheap products either. People who want cheap products will go to other sites regardless of if they exist here or not. 

So why shouldn’t Gajabko be on this list of top 10 online shopping sites?

6) Thulo

This online shopping site does indeed live up to its name. Not only does this site have a wide range of products, but it also has tons of them as well. On top of that, what sets this site apart is that while most of the sites just pull out the products that they don’t have, this site shows the products that recently went out of stock. 

This is a really smart way of advertising as it subtly tells the best products of this site- the ones that just went out of stock. Besides this genius site design, another thing that sets this online shopping site apart from the rest is that you can directly contact the retailer to ask about the product and fix the payment method. 

But if you don’t want to do that, the Thulo offers you the standard form of online payment as well - e-wallet, bank transfer, and cash on delivery. And yes, it is easy to find and filter out the products of your need on this site. When all of these are combined, Thulo easily becomes one of the top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal. 

7) SmartDoko

Smartdoko is the type of website you would find if you travel a few years back and visited Daraz or Sastodeal. The only thing that is stopping this website from competing with mega monsters like Daraz and Sastodeal is its scale and range of products. Other than this, this website can compete head to head with these mega monsters of Nepali online shopping.

You can search for products easily. Here you can filter them out easily and you can find products mid-range to the most expensive ones. The only issue is that there will be a limited number of products in each category. The business model of this company is a lot like Sastodeal. It gives consumers quality products that will last for a long time and build goodwill and increase your business. 

This is an effective way of doing business and given enough time and nothing goes wrong, SmartDoko is the SastoDeal of the future. With such a huge prospect, there is no reason why this site should be kept out from this list of top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal. 

8) Mukundo

No this is not the name of the person - it is rather the name of an online shopping site in Nepal and a very good one at that as well. But unlike a lot of others where you can shop that offers a wide range of products, Mukundo has a rather limited range of products. However, this is also the best part of this site. Having a limited range of products makes it easier for you to navigate this site.

Once you have visited this site a few times, then you can find what you need even without the use of a search button purely through navigation. On top of that, the business policy of this online shopping site of Nepal is “Master of few, Jack of some” so you can be assured that the products that you will get will be of the highest quality within your price range. 

The price range of the products is indeed a bit high but they will be well worth the product. Or if you are being a bit hesitant about the price, you can just wait for a few days or weeks and cash in their offers and discounts that come around quite often as well.

Although this site is a bit different, it is well worth being one of the top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal. Especially for those who know what they are looking for.

9) Gyapu

The last two entries on this list are still good but are just a little bit tedious to use. You will need to sign in to this site in order to use it - which is one of the two tedious parts of using this site. But this shouldn’t be much of an issue since you can just connect your Google account or Facebook account with this site. 

While the mail and messages can get a bit annoying, you can mute them. But after you enter, this site is basically a small-scale SastoDeal. You can find mid-range and high-range products and although we call it a small-scale Sastodeal, the number, and variety of products on this site is still more than enough for average customers.

Here another one of its tediousness comes into play - to filter the products. Filtering our the products can be a bit annoying for your first few visits. However, once you visit this site a few times, you will get used to that. 

This is one of those sites that will grow on you as time passes. When we consider all of these, it does indeed makes sense that this is on the list of the top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal. 

10) NepBay

This portal to online shopping in Nepal is in a similar situation to the previous one. It is a bit annoying and confusing at first. But once you get used to it, you will love this site. This site has is filled with branded products that are mostly of upper mid-range and high-range. But these are the names that speak of quality. 

So this site is not meant for everybody. But for those who can afford upper-midrange and high-range products, this site will be heaven for you. While it will take a few visits to get used to getting around things on this site, once you do, you will find that it is rather more convenient than most other sites on this list.

With limited but high-quality products, this site sure is different from the rest and if it wasn’t for its confusing interface, NepBay would have been higher on this list of top 10 online shopping sites in Nepal.


These are 10 of the best online shopping portals in Nepal - the top 10 online sites in Nepal. While this list was in a loose order, a lot of us have never heard of quite a few names on this list. But just because something is obscure doesn’t mean that they are bad. In fact, all 10 of these site has rather good business. And along with that all 10 of these are constantly expanding their business.

So, which one entry was you most surprised by? Do let us know. And if you found this interesting, check out:

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