9 things to do in Lalitpur: Simple and Satisfying

9 things to
do in Lalitpur: Simple and Satisfying

Did you know that Lalitpur is called Yala:(यल:) in its native language?  Lalitpur is a city of gallis, food, and culture - as you would expect from one of the native areas of the Newari people. And we all know that Newari is all about festivals and cultures. The good thing is that because it is the next-door neighbor of the capital, Kathmandu, all of these are widely exposed to just about everyone. If you want to access Lalitpur, all you need to do is take a 20-minute ride from Tribhuvan International Airport or take 30 minutes to walk towards the Southern direction of Kathmandu.  With such an easy way to access this place, it is rather easy to reach. But for anyone to visit a place, there need to be some attractions. So are there things to do in Lalitpur that will make your visit worthwhile? Definitely yes. As we mentioned, it is one of the native lands of the Newari people- the people of festivals. If you find nothing to do in such a place, then you are at the wrong location. Now let's talk about the things you can do in Lalitpur. 1) Enjoy the Ambiance at...